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About us


BEA is recognized in the Transit Industry for our dedication and focus to delivering on-time and in-budget quality systems to our customers and industry partners. BEA’s technologies are designed modularly with the transit industry in mind, so that growth can be done in both the size of installation as well as in added functionality based upon each Transit Authority’s municipal demands. BEA designs, develops and supports a state of the art Automated Fare Collection Solutions for Transit Agencies in North, Central and South America. Currently serving over 15,000,000 passengers per day.

What we do

To the American market we are focused in on-board fare collection solutions, for that reason, we are the only company in North America that can provide modular turnkey AFC solution for small and medium-sized cities. We provide the most adaptable farebox to the market, as well the AFC Cloud Base Back Office: easy to install - easy use. No fleet is too small.

Competitive Advantage

BEA has extensive experience in Automated Fare Collection systems. BEA is capable of offering complete and integrated solutions to the transit community, increasing customers’ convenience and satisfaction as well as controlling revenue, providing detailed information and offering the ability to host a series of flexible fare, concessions and discount schemes.

BEA offers systems that combine a wide range of types of fare media such as coins, bills, contactless smart cards and smartphone as a payment media that combined with BEA’s hardware devices and software offer unsurpassed functionality. Benefits of the System are as follows:

 - User friendly devices — minimizing the vehicle Operator’s interaction with the devices
 - User friendly applications – utilizing a Windows based graphic interface gives the user a friendly and easy-to-use experience
 - Open Architecture — utilizing ISO standards
 - Low cost solutions — making the system simple while providing full functionality
 - Low cost maintenance – designs that gives operators a nearly care-free solution

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