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Farebox CETUSA 2.0

The Farebox CET-USA 2.0 is designed in different modules, which means that functionalities are configurable as require by the project..

Some of the functionalities and capabilities of the CET-USA 2.0:

Passenger Display Unit

This unit features a large 128 x 64 backlit graphic display. All messaging is fully programmable. LEDs on either side provide additional messaging.

Smart Card Reader

This unit reads and validates smart cards that are held within close proximity. It also transmits data to individual cards as part of the auto-load function.

Bar Code Reader For Transfers

This unit reads and validates bar codes on transfers using laser technology.

Bill Deposit Slot

A vending machine-style bill slot that allows for bills to be deposited one at a time.

Coin Deposit Slot

A vending machine-style coin slot that allows for coins to be deposited one at a time.

Rejected Coin Return

Coins that are not accepted through the validation process are returned to the customer. A hinged access door protects the hopper.

Thermal Transfer Printer

Activated through the bus operator’s key pad, this unit prints a bar-coded transfer for passengers using simple, thermal printing technology.

Bus Operator's Display Box

The Operator’s Display unit is a microprocessor-based device with a 320 x 240 pixel backlit display. It includes a 12 key numeric keypad plus six programmable keys. 

Smart card Validator, Solution for back-doors

When boarding a conventional vehicle through the back door, the patrons will use the On-Board Validator to pay their fare by validating their smart card. The On-Board Validator works as a slave of the Farebox and all the transactions made on it are recorded on the Farebox itself.