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BEA Transit Technologies

Smart and intuitive riders solutions
Extensible AFC central system for more effective operations

Farebox BEA Smart-FBX

Process on board payments, accepts cash in the form of paper bills and coins, paper tickets, smart cards, and we introduce the use of smartphones as the new fare media.

The BEA’s Farebox is designed in modules, which means that functionalities are configurable as require by each project.

To process onboard payments, the system proposed will accept cash payment in the form of paper bills and will also introduce the use of smart cards, tickets and smart phones.

1. Smart Card Reader

This unit reads and validates smart cards that are held within close proximity. It also transmits data to individual cards as part of the auto-load function.

2. Bill Deposit Slot

A vending machine-style bill slot that allows for bills to be deposited one at a time.

3. Coin Deposit Slot

A vending machine-style bill slot that allows coins to be deposited one at a time

4. Magnetic tickets / smart card dispenser

 Issue-Read-Write-Print cards device can address the following functionalities:
  • Issue paper magnetic stripe tickets for transfers
  • Read paper magnetic stripe tickets
  • Write paper magnetic stripe tickets; change cards, new balance, cancel transfers, etc.
  • Print paper magnetic stripe tickets; for new balance, expire date, transfer due date, etc.
Magnetic Stripe Swipe Reader
Tickets Slot

5. Passenger touch screen display unit

This unit features a large 7.0” touch-screen display. All messaging is fully programmable

6. QR code reader

This unit reads and validates QR codes from a smartphone using infrared technology

7. Bus Operator's touch-screen display unit

The Operator’s Display unit is a microprocessor-based device with a 7.0 touch-screen display. It also includes a configurable and programmable numeric and letters keypad

8. Smart card Validator, Solution for back-doors

When boarding a conventional vehicle through the back door, the patrons will use the On-Board Validator to pay their fare by validating their smart card. The On-Board Validator works as a slave of the Farebox and all the transactions made on it are recorded on the Farebox itself.