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Smart and intuitive riders solutions
Extensible AFC central system for more effective operations

Sales Channel

BEA is recognized in the Transit Industry for our dedication and focus to delivering on-time and in-budget quality systems to our customers and industry partners. BEA’s technologies are designed modularly with the transit industry in mind, so that growth can be done in both the size of installation as well as in added functionality based upon each Transit Authority’s municipal demands.

Each customer come with a specific problem to solve, BEA has identified three special markets where we can provide a unique AFC solution for each one.

Transit agencies; Turnkey AFC Solutions for small and medium sized cities

  • For a fully all new AFC solution; hardware, software and implementations for turnkey solutions
  • Turnkey up-grades & parallel solutions, solution that can coexist with your current AFC system; a simple implementation

AFC Solutions to complement Integrated Transit Systems

  • OEM “White Label” solutions for Prime Vendors
  • Hardware and software integrations, interfaces or customizations, according each primary integrator

Metro, Light Rail and Bus Rapid Transit systems

  • Ticketing Vending Machines (TVM’s)
  • Turnstiles for stations
  • QR code transit reader, for mobile payment applications