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North America

Davenport, Iowa 2016-2017 - FAREBOX SMART-FBX

BEA-TT was awarded the project with the City of Davenport Iowa install a new end-to-end AFC solution for the CitiBus Transit Agency. The project started in April 2016.  The effort consisted of installing BEA-TT’s new fareboxes & OCU’s on 20 buses. This solution is the most advanced piece of fare equipment, mobile fare application and an extensible back-end application in the market place today.

Albuquerque, New Mexico 2017-2018 - TVM (BRT LINE)

BEA-TT was awarded the project with the City of Albuquerque to provide a custom Ticket Vending Machine (TVM’s) solution for their new Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Line service along the Central Avenue corridor or the historical “Route 66” corridor.  The plan is for the Albuquerque Rapid Transportation (ART) agency to construct 18 platform stations along this corridor and to install up to 20 TVM’s for this initial phase on each of these platform stations. The solution will also consist of a complete extensible Central System back-end application to support the new BRT Line service and provide a more effective revenue service to assist with the management process of the service.

Regina, Canada 2013-2021 - FAREBOX CET-PLUS

BEA proceeded with the installation onboard 109 conventional buses (the complete Smart Farebox) and 35 specialized transit (Paratransit) minibuses (Portable Handheld Readers); system includes a Customer Service Centre installation and 25 Attended Add Value Machines. Regina is now issuing 40,000 reloadable and 200,000 disposable smart cards. The system went into revenue on November 1st, 2010.


Lethbridge, Canada 2011 - FAREBOX CET-PLUS

The transit system to launch the complete BEA fare collection system. Known as “The Breeze” card, the system includes all of the functions of previous Canadian systems and adds multi-lingual capability, messages can be delivered in any of up to 16 languages. Transit and paratransit buses are equipped with the BEA system.

Saskatoon, Canada 2009 - FAREBOX CET-PLUS

Supply, installation and commissioning of a smart card fare collection system for a fleet of 135 conventional and 21 specialized transit buses solution.

Brantford, Canada 2007 - FAREBOX CET-PLUS

First implementation in North America of the complete BEA Smart Farebox solution, plus new features for transfers purposes. Brantford BCard

Latin America

Mexico City, Mexico 2005 to date - Línea 1 and 2 del Metrobus

75 station I two BRT lines. Full AFC implementation and operation Ticketing Vending Machines, Turnstiles, Access Gates, Smartcard Readers and Video-recording system. 500,000 passengers benefited daily, 1 million of smartcards had been deployed.

Guayaquil, Ecuador 2013-2021 - Metrovia

Largest in Latin America Integrated Transit System (SIT) designed and granted service operation, set-up with contact-less smart-card fare collection automated system and fleet control; user information system.

Guadalajara, Mexico 2002 and 2018 - Tren Ligero

38 station metro system requires prepaid smart card system. Up-dating system through adaptation of both mechanic and electromechanical turnstiles as well as the set up of contactless smart card.

Ciudad Juarez, Mexico 2013 to date - Vivebus

1 BRT line (77 buses), 132 feeding-route buses, unlimited smart-card control, fleet control software, toll and fare collection. Set-up with contact-less smart-card fare collection automated system and fleet control; bus and station surveillance systems, turnstiles and access gates, card centers.

Guadalajara, Mexico 2006-2007 - Pretren

First ever high specs route in the city. High quality buses to enable the transfer to Metro System. BEA to coordinate the full project. Air conditioning, transfer prepaid contactless smart card fare collection system and exact change acceptance. Hiring of drivers based on evaluation through software Vueltas 5.1.

Monterrey, Mexico 2005 - Metrorrey Transmetro Guadalupe

Up-dating and set up of full toll gate system. Local coin acceptance turstile system, as well as bill and coin change machines. 40 stations equipped.

Ecatepec, Mexico 2009-2011 - Modal Transfer Station Aztec City (ETRAM)

Control of Operations and Toll System for largest in Mexico City Modal Transfer Station. Detection and registration of authorized units, signposting system for buses, passenger access control, fare collection system. Access gates, passenger counters, traffic lights, software to measure term periods.

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