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Mobile and Web Application

Central System EPS-2


The central system will be the neural point of the system. All transactions and configuration data will be processed and stored here. It is intended that the system and all its data, both collected as well as processed, to reside in one of the BEA’s Cloud current servers. BEA, in every specific project will analyze data generated in order to determine if a new server is required.

The system is designed using an open architecture and a modular concept that allows the easy integration of new devices or software modules, either manufactured and produced by BEA or supplied by a third party vendor. 

Here is a high-level description of what each module will provide from a feature/function perspective, for the core AFC Central System modules:

Fare Management

· Cash, magnetic card, smart card, QR codes and debit/credit

· Development of fare schedules and table

· Real time fare change and updates

· E Commerce Portal Interoperability


Costumer Service Management

· Reporting of lost or stolen media

· Hot-list on smart card/magnetic strip cards/open cards

· Temporary blockage on usage – example school holidays


· Landscape Overview

· User Administration

· Central System Module Management

· Device Management

· Media Registration

· File Management & Archiving



· Ridership Report – transit type (landscape of ridership)

· Revenue Report

· Same day actual information on transit operation

Mobile Ticketing Application: Transit-e-Pay

The mobile fare application will be able to support a wide range of fare products, pricing solutions and ridership programs, which include all of the current fare products issued by the Agency

· QR Mobile Ticketing App

· Android, iOS, Windows, Web Apps


Web Portal

The web portal provides a compelling interface using cutting edge technology and design principles to create an enjoyable, quick and friendly user experience. It provides multiple functions to both riders and agency administrators to manage a broad range of tasks.

· Ridership Account Management

· Online Sale and Loading of Media

· Lost, Stolen and Replacement Request Management

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