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Farebox: Smart-FBX 2.2

The BEA’s Farebox is designed in modules, which means that functionalities are configurable as required by each project.

The BEA-TT’s BEA Smart-FBX™ Farebox will process onboard payments. Through its Windows based platform, the system proposed will accept cash payment in the form of paper bills, paper tickets, smart cards, and will also introduce the optional use of smartphones as the new fare media.


  • Passenger Display Unit,  7” touch-screen

  • Thermal Printer: will issue transfers from the farebox with the following functionalities:

    • Paper transfer with a QR Bar Code printed on it 

    • Able to scan the transfer on the farebox to authenticate it.

    • Bar code will be unique, so that it cannot be duplicated.

    • Will have an expiration date and time printed on the transfer below the bar code.

  • Magnetic Card Swipe Reader (Optional)

  • Contactless Card Reader + NFC

  • QR Code Scanner

  • Coin Deposit Slot

  • Bills Deposit Slot

  • Bus Operator Display Unit,  7” touch-screen

Physical Features

  • Cover-top, for access to the Rack

  • Upper Door, complementary maintenance door and access to electronics

  • Lower Door, to access the cashbox


  • System Memory8 Mbit, non-volatile FLASH

  • ProcessorPic32, 32 bit processor

  • DisplayTouch-screen: 7 inch, 200 cd/m2

  • Bill reader: Accepts up to 32 notes, in 4 directionsIlluminated, blue flashing note guide

  • Smart Card ReaderISO14443 A/B smart card reader with SAM slots

  • Magnetic Issue DeviceTransport speed: 500 mm/sec

  • Ports: RS232, Wireless 802.11b, and IrDA

  • ConstructionStainless steel, 14 gauge

  • Dimensions: 10” x 10” x 41”

  • CashboxStainless and plated steel, 20 gauge

  • EnvironmentalOperation Temperature: - 25°C to +50°C (-13°F to 122°F)Storage Temperature: - 35°C to +65°C (-31°F to +149°F)Humidity: 5% to 99%

  • Vibration: SAE J1455 Standard

  • Power9 – 32 dc volts, with inverse polarity and voltage spike protectionNormal: 0.9 amps @ 12 voltsMaximum: 7.0 amps @12 volts

  • Bar-Code Reader, along with smart phone app (Optional): Sensor Resolution 752 x 480 pixels

Internal Device's Rack

The farebox contains an internal devices rack that provides the ultimate ease of maintenance; the devices’ rack can be removed within seconds, allowing maintenance personnel to easily replace any device. The principal internal components of the farebox, including the bill transport, smart card processor, and main boards, it is modular in construction, consisting of self-contained units with polarized quick-connect electrical fittings to permit rapid removal and replacement.


The Operator will be able to interact with both the Farebox through the use of the Operator Console Unit (OCU). It will be through this device that the Operator will be able to log-on/log-off from the BEA Smart-FBX, when starting or ending his/her shift, changing routes or directions.


The Windows based OCU-FBX has a 7” touch-screen and tactile keys, which can be re-program depending of the screen on which they are been used.


  • Touch-screen: 7 inch, 200 cd/m2

  • Configurable tactile keys

  • RS232 Ports         

- 1 X 5 Wire (TX, RX, RTS, CTS, GND), 300 - 115200 bps

- 1 X 3 Wire (TX, RX, GND) 300 - 115200 bps

  • USB OTG Port: USB 2.0 low, full and high speed

  • The platform: Microsoft® Windows® Embedded CE 6 operating system

  • Temperature Range             

- Operating: -4 °F to +158 °F (-20 °C to +70 °C)

- Storage: -22 °F to +176 °F (-30 °C to +80 °C)

  • Humidity: 95% ±5%RH, +40°C, non-condensing

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