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Farebox: Smart-FBX 2.3

The BEA Smart-FBX™ Farebox is designed to process and accept multiple types of onboard fare payments. Through its Windows-based platform, the farebox accepts payments in the form of paper bills and coins, paper transfers, smart cards, and smartphones. As part of a comprehensive AFC solution, the BEA Smart-FBX™ Farebox has numerous user-friendly features:

  • The smart card reader reads and validates smart cards, and transmits data to individual cards as part of the auto-load function

  • Coin and bill deposit slots with illuminated bill guide

  • Paper transfers are issued with a unique QR code and expiration time/date

  • A seven-inch, fully programmable touchscreen display for passengers

  • An operator’s display unit: a tablet computer with a seven-inch, touchscreen display and configurable and programmable keypad

  • A QR code scanner capable of reading and validating 2D barcodes (QR codes) on paper tickets, transfers and/or smartphone apps



The Smart-FBX Farebox is capable of reading and processing Near Field Communication (NFC) smartphones, contactless smart cards, and limited- use smart tickets, using a 2-in-1 antenna that is compliant with the international NFC standards.



The Smart-FBX Farebox contains an internal device rack that can be removed within seconds, allowing maintenance personnel to easily replace any component. The principal internal components of the farebox — including the bill and coin acceptors, smart card processor, and main logic board — are all modular. Their polarized quick-connect electrical fittings permit rapid removal and replacement.



The Smart-FBX's removable cashbox, securely locked in place inside the farebox, holds the validated and accepted paper bills and coins.


While this rugged, high-capacity box is unlikely to be overfilled when emptied on a regular basis, the Smart-FBX is programmed to monitor the volume of coins and bills and to disable the coin validator and/or bill acceptor when there is a risk of a cash overflow.



To support maintenance of the Smart-FBX Farebox, BEA-TT offers the Test Workbench, a table and wall-mounted version of the internal components of the farebox. The Test Workbench enables maintenance personnel to calibrate, test, and repair each major module and subassembly. A fully functioning farebox model, it communicates with BEA’s central system application so that maintenance personnel can simulate in-vehicle use of the Smart-FBX Farebox. Dimensions: ~60” (l) x 70” (h) x 30” (d) including wall mount


System memory

8 Mbit, non-volatile FLASH


Pic32, 32-bit


Touchscreen: 7-inch, 200 cd/m2

Bill Reader

Accepts $1, $5, $10, and $20-US bills

Can be configured to accept up to 32 different bill denominations/types, in 4 directions Parallel, Pulse, Serial, SSp, MDB, ccTalk

Illuminated, blue flashing bill guide

Write method

DF (F2F) Communications

Smart Card Reader

ISO 14443, Types A & B compliant, with SAM slots

Magnetic Issue Device

Transport speed: 500 mm/sec

Data process speed: 9600 Baud

Write method: DF (F2F)


RS232 (x2)

Wireless 802.11b (x1)

IrDA (x1)

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