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Customized Solutions

BEATT’s technologies are designed modularly, so growth can be done adding functionality based upon each Transit Authority’s municipal demands. With the modularity in mind, BEATT can customize, adapt, scale and create different equipment configurations and solutions

Our Hardware and Software development area has more than 30 full-time engineers creating and designing solutions according to each client's special requirements. This allows us to offer custom solutions that comply with industry standard requirements, meeting specific needs of some city or specific client. Our experience in special developments is endorsed by our clients, to whom we have developed tailor-made solutions for fareboxes or ticketing vending machines, or even in designing unique software modules for specific needs.

 • Our Own Design and R&D team.
• we Manufacture our product in the US.
• Project Engineering and Development Management 
• Compatible with other technologies.

No project is small for BEATT, our experience in customized developments will find the most cost-effective way to make the Agencies’ unique requirements.

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